7 Day Body Blast

Blast Body Fat & Kick Start your Weight Loss Goals in ONLY 7 days

Feeling frustrated, defeated, like you hit a plateau or simply lack motivation? 

Maybe you are headed on vacation and want to tighten things up or what about after your weekend when you need to detox and get yourself back on track??

This Plan is For YOU. 

This is the EXACT plan I follow when I need to tighten things up FAST or simply feel like I need a boost in the motivation department. 

People call this plan their "secret weapon" when they need that quick REBOOT. This Plan will forever be your go to 7-day pick me up or go to when you need a QUICK FIX. 

Be the Next 7 Day Body Blast Success Story in ONLY 7 Days. 

Lose the Bloat

Drop Weight

Reboot Metabolism

Really Only & Days?

Yes! In ONLY 7 Days, I will teach you how to: 

  • how to regain your motivation
  • Detox your system
  • Reset your metabolism 
  • Shed belly bloat and overall puffiness
  • Get rid of the BLT's (bites, licks & Tastes) 
  • Get back to Eating for Purpose 
  • Regain control of YOUR choices
  • Get you over the plateau you may be facing
  • Gain back lost energy
  •  Ignite that fire to keep you going far beyond the 7 days 
  • Gain CONFIDENCE and your control of your choices

Why do it?
Perhaps your weight loss has stagnated and you are struggling with a loss of motivation. Maybe you have a vacation or event coming up and want to look your very best in the shortest time possible, or you simply need a reset after a long weekend of eating and drinking a little more than usual.

Regardless of your reason, the 7-Day Body Blast will:

  • Kick Start Your System
  • Get You in The Fat Burning Zone
  • Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • Detox Your Whole Body
  • Reduce Belly Bloat and Puffiness
  • Get You Over Any Plateau You May Be Facing
  • Reduce Fogginess and Increase Mental Clarity
  • Reset Your Mind and Body
  • Renew Your Motivation

…all in just ONE WEEK!


How do I know it will work for me?

The 7-Day Body Blast will deliver dramatic results no matter where you are on your fitness journey and what your fitness level is. Not only will you see changes, you will feel incredible!

The 7-Day Body Blast is strategically designed to get you back on track and yield optimal results on ONLY 7 days. 

It’s simple… if you follow the plan, you will see results.

» Anyone Can Do it

» Simple to Follow

» Quick & Healthy Meals

» Step-by-Step Instructions

» Flexible Options

» Short & Effective Workouts

Not into spending hours in the kitchen? No worries.

The best part about the 7-Day Body Blast plan is that it’s super simple! Each meal is gluten free and requires minimal cooking with easy step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.

You’ll never get bored.

To keep things interesting, the plan offers lots of variety and a ton of tasty recipe suggestions for days when you feel like making something extra. Too tired to cook? No problem! Simply follow the basic part of the plan, and save the recipes for another day when you feel like being more creative.

Either way, you can make the plan work for you and your busy life.

Are you ready to kick-start your body?

Here’s what you get in the super packed

7-Day Body Blast Plan:

» 7-Day Workout Plan with fat blasting exercises you can do anywhere with photo demonstrations for each workout

» 7-Day Cardio Plan to burn calories and shred fat in no-time

» 7-Day Meal Plan with simple and delicious foods that will reset your body and help you lose weight

» 7-Day Oil Free Salad Dressing Recipes to make your meals extra tasty without adding extra guilt

» 7 Pointers for Success to keep you on track beyond the 7 days

» 7 Super Foods that will detox your system while improving your health and wellbeing

» 7-Day Grocery List to make food shopping a total breeze

» 7 Kitchen Essentials to simplify your food prep and life

» 7-Day Supplement Schedule to blast fat and optimize your results


» Gina’s Simple Signature Recipes to keep the plan fun and yummy!

» Gina’s Personal Tips on how to prepare yourself for short and long term success

» Gina’s Eating Out Guide to avoid diet pitfalls while still enjoying life

Only $34.99

Get Started Today!

Check out what others have said about The 7-Day Body Blast...

Omg Gina Aliotti what kinda voodoo is this??? I realize it’s just loss of bloating but come on. i am on day 3 of your 7 Day Body Blast and see such a difference!! Yipee!!!! Thank you!!

~ Asa Thompson

Here are my results from the 7 Day Body Blast. I am extremely happy with my results, thank you Gina! I would highly recommend trying this plan! Boarding my plane to paradise now. Thank you Gina!

~ Anna Linder

Hi Gina! I did your 7 day body blast and absolutely loved it! Although I don’t feel the pictures show much of a difference, the scale is down by 5lbs. I feel awesome, energetic and healthy. I am 54 years old and find it extremely difficult to even lose one pound on the scale as I do believe menopause is a killer on the waist line – so the fact that the scale moved by 5 lbs is extremely exciting!!! Your plan was very easy to follow and I never felt hungry. I am actually going to continue with this plan.  My goal is to get leaner and tighter and to be in the best shape of my life in my 50’s and for the rest of my life. Thank you for designing this great program! You are a true inspiration!!  Hugs and kisses!

~ Liz T.

The 7DBB is my 911 call. Down 7 1/2 pounds in 7 days with the 7DBB. LOVE IT!

~ Patricia Clifford

"I just completed the 7DBB and I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures, cause I'm down 4 pounds!! I've been fluctuating for the last few months in the 140's and I'm ecstatic to report I am finally out of them!! Yaaay!!! Starting another round today!! I know getting back into the gym and lifting again has made a huge difference. I have so much more energy! Thank you again Gina Aliotti!"

Sarah M.

"For me amazing ! I lost almost 6 lbs in 7 days! Thank you Gina! Love your 7DBB. "


"Im on day 3! Love it so far! I feel STUFFED! And the workouts are so easy and fast! Not a big scale person...so no idea what lbs are lost...but 6 pack is showing again...so Im thrilled!!!"

Erin S.

"I lost 4 pounds so far and I am on day 4!"


"I Loved the 7DBBA! I lost 5 lbs in 7 days and bigger Non Scale Victory, you have redefined how I see food with this one! "


"Awesome Plan! Something about only being accountable to 7 days at a time feels so much easier. This is definitely my go to plan when I need to get myself motivated and on track! Thank you Gina! "


"I really loved the 7DBB! My stomach feel so light and I have my energy back! I don't feel tired like I did before I started. I love everything about this plan, thank you Gina! "


"Love love love how I am feeling... almost done with day 2 and I no longer feel puffy or tired!! Your plans are the best!!!!!!"

Kelly H.

"Totally loved the 7DBB. It was perfect timing just before I was about to throw in the towel, it was just what I needed. Thank you!"

Nicole S.

"I'm was so tired of being unhappy. I was in the biggest funk and haven't worked out for months. Then I started the 7DBB. There's no guess work or massive food prep... in fact I got the plan, printed it out, then did the shopping, basic raw veggie prep & some cooking in a few, maybe 5 hours. That's not a lot of time for a weeks worth of food. The cardio & circuits are laid out for you with photos so there's no wondering if you're doing it right. I think my favorite part about this one is that it's only 7 days... so, every 7 days, I can be like, "Yeah! I did it! I succeeded!" Then take a day or 2 off to enjoy a good dinner. Do it again. No guess work, no wasting hours driving to the gym & back... just clean food & basic equipment. There are no heavy weights. Just 6 meals a day & 2 short workouts; 1 cardio & 1 circuit & that is laid out too. I loved it. Thank you Gina! My go to plan from now on when I need to kick myself into gear again! "


"Wow!!!!! All I can say is wow!!! I feel amazing!!!! So much better then when I first started and all in only 7 days! Thank you Gina for your support and guidance through the process! The emails were so motivational and helped me stay the course and stay strong! I look forward to the journey of staying the course and staying focused!"


Eunice Andrews

Checkout Eunice's Success...

I have my workouts down but never nailed the nutrition part until I found Gina... 

I got my first meal plan UAP two years ago, loved the results. The problem was I didn't maintain them- life... 

This July/August I got back on the UAP 1... six weeks is all you need to change your life, believe me. I went from 145 pounds to 135 pounds, after that I did UAP 2 for another 6 weeks I went from 135 pound to 130 pounds. The week after that my husband celebrated our anniversary and when I got back I needed a jump start. I decided to join Gina's 7 Day Body Blast and went from 130 to 127 pounds. I LOVED it! 

In total I have gone from a size 6-8 to size 2 and I love how I feel! 

I am now a member of Gina's VIP and love the personal attention Gina gives all of us. If I have a question, need a little push, or anything else, Gina personally sends a note to answer my questions and offer suggestions. 

I am almost 50 years old and I'm not going back to my old self because I found my new and better self thanks to Gina and her plans. Thank you Gina! -Eunice 

Frequently Asked Questions

When you're ready to jumpstart your goals, reignite your fire and take back control of your choices, you're ready! There is no reason to wait to get yourself back on track.  The best part about the 7 Day Body Blast is that you can join whenever you want and restart whenever you feel you need that jump start again. Consider this your 7 Day Secret Weapon! 

No, not at all! Gina gives recommendations as to what products can accelerate your results but nothing is necessary to get results. Actually Gina believes in good 'ol whole foods to jumpstart and reset your body. 

It depends on what type of vegetarian you are. If you still eat eggs and better yet fish then absolutely! However if you do not eat eggs or fish, it will not be for you. You don't need to eat red meat or chicken to be successful on the 7 Day Body Blast. 

No it is not strictly keto or low carb. Gina believes in a balance of whole nutritious foods just eaten in the right ways. She uses a carb cycling program that delivers amazing results without the elimination of one macro such as fats or carbs. 

Absolutely! Diet is 90% of your results. Of course, incorporating the workouts with the nutrition will deliver better results but by just following the 7 Day Body Blast diet, you will get great results!

Absolutely. There are suggested circuits however if you have another type of workout you prefer such as gym workouts or a fun cardio class, that is perfect! You can use the 7 Day Body Blast diet portion to accompany any workout you prefer. 

You absolutely do not have to submit photos however I do recommend you take them because you will be surprised the changes you make in ONLY 7 days. It is your choice if you submit them or not but I highly recommend you do take them- you will thank yourself later. 

After the 7 Day Body Blast, you have options Gina will share after you rock your 7 Days and kickstart your motivation and results. You will learn more about next steps but first let's dig into rocking your 7 days... 


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