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All Inclusive programs ready for you to download and start. Learn Gina's Carb Cycling methods, training philosophies and how to reach your goals. Where ever you are, there is a plan for you.



G-Fit Workouts on Demand. Follow a monthly calendar or pick from a library of 100's of workouts. Everything you need to get in the best shape with No Gym needed. Mindset hacks, recipes, monthly G-Fit meal plan and more...  


101 Coaching

Are you ready to up your game and fully commit to changing your body (and life)? I would love to work with you on a 101 basis and teach you the G-Fit Methods that will forever change your life. 

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Success Stories on Gina's Plans

Jennifer Frizzel

I am so glad I decided to TRUST you because my results were phenomenal! Not only were my physical results amazing but my mental focus completely changed. You helped me make myself non-negotiable again, thank you! I lost 12 pounds and lots of inches. The biggest thing is I LOVE MYSELF now. I am non-negotiable and am a better mom because of it. Gina, thank you for this plan and for putting your heart and soul into everything you do. 


Cassandra Lee Mough

I did Gina's Ultimate Breakthrough Plan and LOVED it! I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, wife, student and nurse. As you can see my plate is really full! After my last child, I struggled with anxiety and depression. Over the 6 week UBP plan, I lost 15 pounds and 17 inches!! I am so proud of where I came from! Thank you Gina for giving me my life back and making me a better wife and mom! 


Jenny Vesely

I had such an incredible experience on your UAP2. I lost 15 pounds and 9 inches. With little ones running around, I don’t have a lot of time so this plan was perfect!  Not only did I get results but gained a lot of energy, clarity and overall feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel a lot tighter, stronger and I can tell that my muscle definition and stamina is coming back. It feels good to have sustainable lifestyle habits that my family and I can continue. Love your programs and your VIP Tribe! Thank you Gina!


Katrina Brewington

When I decided to take a different route, the G-fit route. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. It truly has re-wired me mentally, physically and spiritually and put my whole system back in balance. Thank you Gina for being such an amazing coach and mentor over the years. Your guidance brought me back to the light and I found myself again. Thank you so much for your genuine care in what you do.

Hugs to you Gina! 


About Gina Aliotti

Hello my name is Gina, some know me as G-Fit. I am a former IFBB Figure Competitor, winning the Arnold Classic in 2008 and runner up at the most prestigious Figure Olympia in '07, '08, '09.

Now fast forward 10 years later, I am a mother of 2 with has cultivated a proven system that has allowed me to stay in the best shape with NO GYM and very little time.

It is my mission to inspire and teach others how to elevate their body (and life) through a simplified "less is more" approach to fitness, using my G-Fit Methods.

My passion is in helping women create permanent lifestyle changes that are realistic and MAINTAINABLE. 

I have helped thousands of people, from all over the world, create a simplified approach that works and leads to long term results. 

Through my programs, I teach women how to workout less and eat more without ever counting a calorie or macro again!

G-Fit, it's not only a way towards reaching your body goals, it is a lifestyle ...


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Explore Gina's "simple creative" recipes. All compatible with her PLANS, making it really easy to stay on track and LOVING your food! 

Checkout Gina's Less is More approach to woking out. Gina shows you how easy it can be to get in a killer workout with NO GYM Necessary! 

Checkout Gina's articles that dig into the the things that keep you showing up every day. 

Less is More... 

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I want to help FREE you from feeling like you have to do MORE to get your results... 

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7 Day Body Blast

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The Ultimate Pregnancy Plan

The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide with everything you need to have a healthy & fit pregnancy. Full nutrition guide + workouts by trimester and more...

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The Ultimate Breakthrough Plan

The Ultimate 6 week program to breakthrough old habits and completely transform your body with NO Gym necessary!

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