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Frustrated, Confused, Overwhelmed, & Not sure where to start ...

Let's BREAKTHROUGH all the Habits holding you back and remove Frustration out of your Fitness Game with my LESS IS MORE approach that WORKS

Join me & thousands of others who have stepped up their game using my LESS IS MORE methods that will FOREVER change your body and LIFE.


Change your mindset, change your body

It all starts HERE and I will teach you how to tap into your potential, ignite inner fire and STAY motivated, week after week. 

Mantras that will become the KEY to your consistency. 


Quick and efficient G-Fit workouts that require NO gym & minimal equipment.

Maximize Fat Loss with my LESS is MORE approach that deliver results in LESS time!

HIIT - Yoga - Cardio 


Eat for purpose with my Carb Cycling Formulas that maximize fat loss while never feeling deprived!

Lose Body Fat, Balance Hormones & Never feel deprived again!

NEVER count a calorie or Macro again! 



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I'm Ready to Level Up!


From feeling like I had it all together and all the time in the world to becoming a mom and realizing - Oh my gosh, How am I going to fit it all in... I felt like I was swimming upstream and every day trying to figure out how to have the energy to just stay afloat.

• Do you feel Burnt out? 

• Do you feel Frustrated?

• Do you feel like there just simply isn't enough time in the day to get it all done? 

• Do you feel overwhelmed by all the diets and workouts out there? 

• Are you unsure where to start? 

• Do you feel like you are swimming up stream and every day just trying to survive vs. THRIVE? 

We've all been there...

From an insecure girl who hated her body to top of my game to overwhelmed mother of 2 trying to fit it all in... 

Once I had kids I felt like I was swimming upstream and was scared I was going to lose everything I had worked so hard for. 

There just simply wasn't enough time in my day to get it all done.

I needed to figure out a better way to balance my fitness, motherhood and business goals.

It was through this extreme feeling of overwhelm and frustration that I established my “less is more” approach to my workouts that changed my game! 

When I realized I could do LESS and get so much MORE, my life completely changed

  • More time with my kids.
  • More time doing the things I love. 
  • More time working on my business and helping others, just like you, free yourself from the overwhelm ... 

As a master trainer, my goal is to show people how to workout less, eat more and never feel restricted by food or limited by time.


Let's Free you From feeling like you are constantly swimming upstream...

How I am Going to Help You

  • Lose body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle all from the comfort of your home.

  • Your monthly workouts strategically put together for you so you don't have to think about what you are going to do, simply log in and press play. 

  • Access Hundreds of on-demand home workouts with real time videos (full body & body part specific)

  • Your monthly diet using my eating for purpose formulas so you never feel deprived and know exactly what to eat and when. 

  • Hundreds of Simple Creative recipes to keep you on track and loving every meal.

  • Join a Tribe of Like Minded Women there to support you and keep you fired up and and motivated to keep going.

  • Weekly CONNECTION in our LIVE Q&A's with Gina to get all of your questions answered.
  • Transform your mind with weekly Mantras [Audio] that will provide you ALL the mental secrets that will keep you consistently showing up, no matter what happens in life. 

  • Exclusive discounts on all programs and challenges Gina hosts throughout the year.

  • If you are ready to fully COMMIT and take your body (and life) to another level, I am ready for you! 

  • Sign up and get a week free to see what it's all about... 
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Do you have trouble sticking to a program?

You're not alone!

The issue is not you, it's the unrealistic expectations you're placing on yourself. 

If something isn't realistic and maintainable, it is hard to stick to it.

I'll show you a program that is realistic and that you'll WANT to stick to it because... well, because it works and you feel amazing!

I created the VIP Membership for people JUST LIKE YOU!

Your FULL Online Training and Nutrition Program ALL in ONE place. 

Stop googling what to do, what diet is best, how to stay motivated and how to workout for RESULTS!

Access to all the tools to get you REAL results that will LAST. Know EXACTLY what to eat, EXACTLY how to do each exercise properly and have tons of support to keep you showing up.  

It's time to start working out for RESULTS not Time. I cannot wait to show you how to implement my proven less is more formulas for long term success!  



How do I know if the VIP Membership is for ME?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by life and simply can't find enough time in your day to get it all done?
  • Do you feel burnt out by your workouts?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused with where to start?
  • Do you need help gaining clarity and confidence? 
  • Are you having a hard time balancing your fitness with home/work life? 
  • Are you feeling alone and craving authentic REAL support? 
  • Do you want a one-stop-shop for ALL your workout and nutrition needs that you can access at ANY time?
  • Would you like to know how you can get in INCREDIBLE shape without EVER stepping a foot inside of a gym?
  • Do you want DAILY support from Gina AND an entire tribe that welcomes all fitness levels?
  • Do you lack ACCOUNTABILITY and find it hard to stay on track with the day-to-day demands of life?
  • Are you a busy mom who needs a SIMPLE and REALISTIC approach to reaching your goals WITHOUT feeling like you come last?
  • Are you sick of counting calories and macros and want a plan you can follow for life? 
  • DO you want to reach your body goals and still be able to enjoy pizza and wine? 

If you said yes to any of the above questions the VIP IS FOR YOU!


As a VIP-Member you get ALL of this:

  • Monthly workouts with calendar so you know EXACTLY what to do every day.
  • Daily REAL TIME workout videos with Gina as your personal trainer, coaching you on form, intensity and pushing you with each workout
  • FULL access to Gina’s VIP Membership platform with new content updated weekly
  • Weekly mantras to help you tackle mental barriers, ensuring your long term success
  • Healthy recipes compatible with each monthly diet plan.
  • Private VIP Facebook Group access for 24/7 unlimited motivation and accountability
  • VIP ONLY Live videos for exclusive cooking demonstrations, motivation, fitness tips and more
  • Giveaways


  • VIP EXCLUSIVE discounts on all programs and challenges throughout the year 
  • Weekly LIVE video Q&A sessions so you can get all of your PERSONAL questions answered
  • Access to an archive of thousands of workouts, recipes and downloads that will keep you motivated, inspired and on track

You commit and I will guide you the rest of the way. We're in it together! Now let’s do this!


As a VIP GOLD member you get VIP access +

101 connection,  accountability and guidance

Every Month you will receive:

  • a PERSONALIZED diet plan based on YOUR specific needs, goals and limitations/restrictions
  • 2 monthly face to face 1:1 coach coaching calls
  • Mindset hacking- we will dig deep to work on what is REALLY holding you back
  • 101 Accountability to ensure you don't fall off 
  • Strategies to overcome what is holding you back


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I'm Ready to Level Up!

Real People, Real Results

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100% Day Monthly Guarantee

If you stick to the plan- follow the workouts and nutrition as laid out, I am confident you will get results and feel amazing. I want you to try out the program 30 days risk free. If you aren't 100% fully satisfied, send me an e-mail within 30 days and I will refund you, no questions asked. 




Free 7 Day Trial!


I am ready to Level Up!

"It's more than just fitness..."


Listen to this mother of 3's story...

"You have brought so much joy to my life."


Listen to Sandra's Story, living the G-Fit Lifestyle...


"Her work has legitimately changed my life."

I have anew found love for myself and my body. I also learned how to manage a chronic health condition I have. Thank you Gina! - Katie


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