Summer Squat Challenge

Starts June 21st

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100 Squats a day all Summer Long

Split however you wish, just get them in! You with me?

Gina Aliotti’s Summer Squat Challenge

This is the perfect challenge to keep you focused and rocking those booty goals without letting the Summer festivities get in the way.

Gina Aliotti’s Summer Squat Challenge was created to keep you motivated, inspired and digging deep all Summer long.

Anyone, Any Level, Anywhere can join!

Calling all Mom's out there- this Challenge is PERFECT for you! Don't let the crazy Summer months get in the way of making you non-negotiable!

It’s simple …

100 Squats (any way you want) every day of Summer = 9500 Squats this Summer.

Are you with me??

Sign Up and I will send you your FREE Squat Check list + BONUS Summer Squat Challenge Squat guide with over 95 squat variations! 

What's Included :

Printable PDF Squat Guide with descriptions of each squat variation + stretching routine.

Instructional “and” follow along videos! No more guessing if you are doing it right, I am there teaching you every step along the way!

Live Chats to keep you motivated and answer any and all questions from your coach, Gina Aliotti

Included the most supportive Private Facebook group to hold you accountable and squatting with people from all over the world.









What People are saying :

"The summer squat challenge last year really helped me so much it got me out there doing the squats every single day no matter what just getting them in and having so much fun and then the results, well they were amazing. Thank you for all you do Gina"

Scottie Loree Paul

"I LOVE this Summer Squat Challenge because it keeps me focused. SO fun, I have my entire family doing them with me! It has become a highlight of our Summer. Thanks Gina! "

Sarah Hanley

"No better time to get in my Summer Squats than on the dock while on vacation. I LOVE Gina's Summer Squat Challenge because it keeps me on my game all Summer! "

Kimberly Hines

"This is the challenge that got me back into my fitness, thank you Gina! I was struggling to find my fire and this did it for me! I look forward to this challenge every year! Love it!"

Lauren Torres

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