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Meet some of your Tribe Sisters...

Today several people commented on my body changing and asked what I have been doing? On the left is today, on the right is me approximately 6 years ago and probably in the "best" shape of my life since since pre-babies. So the 45 year old me is feeling great and these old clothes, which I couldn't fit into in 2 years ago from weight gain are too big!! My hair is gray & I've graduated to glassed by my husband says I still got it. Thank you Gina!" - Stephanie

"I didn’t come this far to come this far. Yes!! I did what I had been fearing to do because I was afraid to fail. But I worked to hard to get where I am at to allow fear to stop me. So the first 10 minutes I wanted to give up!! I kept telling myself just to the next tree. Just to the next bush. Just to the bridge. By the time I got half way I thought “I have a long way to run to get back.” But quickly changed that thought to “see how far you have come and you didn’t think you could outlast the 10 minutes. “ Thank you everyone for the posts. They do motivate me." - Silvia 



"This week I hit the 15# lost mark. I haven’t been this weight for 2 years and although I seem to look similar my mental game is so much different. I’m so impressed with the magic of Gina's plans. I’ve never had such a fun and seamless time loosing weight. It feels so good to be back at my “Normal” weight again 😍 Thanks again G-Fit Tribe for all your support!" - Liz T. 


“I am actually excited to wear a bikini again, WHAT?! I had no idea I could lose weight without killing myself or going to a gym. Thank you Gina."– Brittany Kay

 "I lost almost 30 pounds in 4 months, with kids! Not only did my body change but I saw such incredible changes to my mindset! This is just what I needed to boost my motivation again. Thank you Gina." -Julie 

Listen to Julie's Testimonial HERE

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“I was lost, frustrated, confused and kept gaining weight. Thank you for providing everything I needed, at the perfect time. I was sick of searching the internet trying to find the "next best" thing. With all the "answers" out there, all the searching did was make me more confused and without a solution. When I joined your VIP, I wasn't sure if it was for me but I took the chance and so glad I did. It has been the best resource for all my fitness needs. Not only am I starting to see results, I feel like right away I had a mindset shift. That was huge for me! Things just clicked for me. Thank you Gina for providing this incredible resource. Forever grateful!" ”


“My thighs, abs and calves are all burning from that workout. Thank you Gina for giving us the perfect blend of workouts to follow. I love your less is more approach and am still amazed by the results without having to spend countless hours working out. LOVE the VIP. Thank you Gina! ”


“This week I have gotten in most of the VIP workouts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I sweat and feel amazing after each one, and they don't take me forever! The mantras, recipes, support- it all helps hold me accountable and give me what I need when I need it most. I am filled with gratitude. We are truly blessed to have this VIP program! ”


“I was thinking a lot today during our circuit about how lucky we are all are as VIP's. I was listening to Gina tell us to engage our muscles the right way. I realized all the years I spent going to the gym and just going through the motions. So happy to have found you, Gina, and your VIP program! It has been life changing, thank you! ”


“I am so grateful for Gina Aliotti and her amazing pans. The VIP was just what I needed to say motivated and inspired to keep going. Thank you for helping me remember I need to choose me. :)”


“I feel amazing! Thanks to Gina's amazing plans and support- not just from her but all the amazing VIP's, I have managed to lose 15 pounds that I couldn't get off for the life of me. I have done a ton of other programs but nothing has given me the results like Gina's. Words cannot explain how I feel inside and out. Thank you Gina! ”


“OMG I am in love with the VIP Circuit Workouts. I am a busy mom of 3 young kids and have NO time. These workouts are saving me right now. Dedicated member here!! ”


“Love Love Love Gina's VIP. The workouts are so realistic. I finally feel like I have found something that I can maintain! Thank you Gina!!”