Meet Gina Aliotti

From insecure young girl to top IFBB Figure competitor now mother of 2 who has found her passion in helping women reach their goals with her proven formulas that deliver lasting results with NO GYM necessary!

My Story...

As a young girl, I struggled with my body. Being the "bigger" girl in class, I felt so insecure. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't get past my thick thighs. It didn't help that I came from an Italian family who loved to eat (and eat). The food was so good, how could you not "mangia" (eat)!  I grew up loving pizza, pasta and butter (yes I would eat butter by the spoonful).

I had the influence from my mom, who had a health food store, and father, who grew up bodybuilding, but that didn't take away my insecurities about my body and love for food.

My parents divorced when I was 7. I watched my dad get back into his passion for working out and eating healthy.  It wasn't long before he completely transformed his body.  I was inspired and realized I too could do the same.  He introduced me to his simple dumbbell routine, which later became his published book 'Johnny’s Simple Dumbbell Workout.' We made it a ritual to workout together in his living room, each morning before school. 

I immediately started to see changes in my body, how I felt and realized that I could be in control of my body's destiny.

I later created a 5-10 minute nighttime routine that I couldn’t go to sleep without. I would do 5 minutes of stretching along with another 5 to 10 minutes of push ups, sit ups, squats and leg lifts. It became my nighttime non-negotiable that later lead me to today's G-Fit circuit workouts.

Throughout high school, I stayed active, playing team sports (field hockey and softball) and then went off to San Diego State University where I got my BS in Foods and Nutrition.

When I was 18, my dad asked if I wanted to compete with him in a local bodybuilding show. Being naïve and not knowing what he was referring too, I immediately thought bodybuilding = big and that was NOT what I was after. He shared with me a new division that had opened up called “figure.” It was a feminine version that was not about being big but about having feminine muscle, symmetry and overall aesthetics.

He convinced me to give it a shot and it was the best decision I could have made because it was the catalyst for where I am today. Competing not only helped me learn to love my body but taught me so much more about myself and the power of commitment. More than anything, proved that we are in control of our choices and therefore our body

Having no idea what I was doing, I simply just did what I had learned from my dad... Over five weeks, even while traveling in Italy, I made it happen.

I stepped on stage and won my class. Being acknowledged, appreciated and recognized for my muscular build was the best feeling in the world. That was all it took to kick off my career. I went from amateur to pro in less than a year.

As a professional figure competitor, I climbed the ranks quickly, winning several shows including the Arnold Classic in 2008 and was runner up at the Figure Olympia, three years in a row.

One of the highlights of my early career was being featured in Oxygen Magazine for my  “sexy legs.” To go from an insecure girl who hated her legs to being featured in a world renowned magazine for "sexy legs" was a feeling I will NEVER forget!

Through working out and eating right, I saw how much I could change my body and learned to love ME for ME.

Years later, I met my amazing husband and decided it was time to retire and focus on the next (best) chapters of my life.

This was exciting and I was ready, but at the same time I was scared. I had learned to love my body, but that came from 3+ hours of working out each day. I knew that was not going to be realistic, especially with kids.  

I was so scared of going back to the way I felt when I was insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin.  I had found what worked but what worked wasn't going to work anymore...

As I got busier with kids, multiple businesses, family activities and life, time became more and more limited.

I decided to bring back the home workouts, I use to do with my dad, and gave it a go.

It wasn't long before I started to see unbelievable results. I could do less in a shorter period of time and I didn’t have to spend countless hours in the gym to reach my goals. *LIFE CHANGING*

Ten years after competing and two kids later, I've created a system that WORKS. It is my mission to share it so everyone knows there is a solution and it CAN be done!

I’ve seen it over and over again... women struggling to find the time to make themselves a priority most often give up and accept that “this is just how it is."

I want to inspire women to realize it doesn’t have to be this way.

I found a solution that works!

It is my goal to and share all of the tools and tricks I have learned to staying on track and in the best shape of my life by doing LESS

You CAN workout less. It doesn't take a gym. You CAN eat the foods you love and most of all, you don't have to feel restricted and deprived.

My proven method of quick and efficient G-Fit circuit workouts + carb cycling formulas allow for incredible, life lasting results.

I have helped thousands of women from all over the world workout less, eat more and simply their fitness game.

I teach this EXACT formula in my PLANS, Online Training Platform and 1:1 coaching.

I help people remove any and all self limiting beliefs (i.e. excuses) and reveal a SIMPLE and realistic approach that works.

I am excited to help you achieve your goals and see for yourself how you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Workout less, eat more - simplify your life- it can be your reality too! 

hugs and so much love, 


Gym vs. No Gym

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