The most comprehensive program for MASTERING your fitness game by implementing a proven system that will cultivate life lasting results.


The G-Fit Academy is the only implementation program that will teach you exactly how to reach your goals while understanding a proven system that will allow you to maintain them for life with ZERO frustration.

No more wasting time feeling overwhelmed by life and the results you are NOT getting.

No more spending a fortune purchasing programs that only give you ONE piece of the puzzle.

No more figuring out how to enjoy food without sabotaging the results you work so hard for.

The G-Fit Academy is so much more than “just another program” because inside, you’ll access the full A-Z Blueprint that will work no matter what stage of life you are in. 



By the end of this program,
you will have:


  • Clear understanding of the G-Fit System that keeps you motivated and loving your results with ZERO restriction.
  • Remove all the frustration around dieting, fads and why things haven't been working for you.
  • Clear understanding of how to identify EXACTLY what has been holding you back and how to remove those things from your space
  • Understand the methods behind the G-Fit Carb Cycling Formulas, why they work and how they keep you lean (without restriction)
  • Guided detox for your mind and body bringing awareness to those things that are causing resistance, digestive issues, bloat, weight gain and so much more... 
  • Guided 4-week Accelerated program to implement the carb cycling formulas and maximize results
  • Guided 4-week Maintenance plan to begin to implement refuels without losing your results
  • Why refuel meals work and understanding how to master them with ZERO guilt
  • Clear formula to keep your results flowing with ZERO resistance
  • Confidence in what to do when you feel off and how to immediately get yourself back on track 
  • Unlimited support with your GFA sisters who will be going through the EXACT program with you so you have unlimited support and lifelong friendships.
  • Confidence to know EXACTLY what to do to maintain your results but more than anything what to do when life happens and you fall off.
  • Freedom from trying to figure out why things aren't working for you. 
  • Clarity over what your personal goals are, how to achieve them, the steps you need to take and an action plan to implement them

If you are sick of trying to figure out what the missing piece is to reaching your goals- this is for you! A complete A-Z blueprint that will forever free you from years of trying to figure it all out... 

But above all else, The G-Fit Academy will give you a solid foundation to allow you to stay on track no matter what comes up in life. When you have this foundation nothing or no-one can get in the way of your goals.

What are you waiting for?




You could be surrounded by a new class of motivated friends that will cheer you on throughout your journey with endless support, love and positive energy! 

Are you ready to level up your fitness game the G-Fit Academy? 

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I have absolutely loved the Academy and learned so much!

There is no judgment and loving and caring support. I have learned how to live my best version of me with no guilt, no judgment, you vs. you. I realize what this REALLY means. I have every single tool to have no excuses and live my absolute best most purposeful, present life that I can lead. Thank you Gina! -Gina S.


I LOVE my RESULTS and this course! 

More than the physical results that happened over the course of 12-weeks, I feel more confident than ever that there is no turning back! Thank you Gina for an amazing Academy that taught me so much! Diane L. 

Hear what other Academy Graduates have to say... 

🌟 This academy was life changing for me. I loved it all and learned so much! I feel more confident than ever in the steps I need to take to finally reach my goals with ZERO GUILT! 🧑πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

🌟 Thank you so much for all you do Gina!! LOVE YOU!! The academy was great! Love you Gina!!! Love your vibe!!! Keep it going girl. This was life changing!

🌟It's been an incredible 12 weeks... I learned so much and started really seeing REAL results I hadn't seen before.

🌟I feel more confident than ever now having all the tools and an exact formula to follow no matter where I am in life, thank you Gina! 

🌟I have been a G-Fit girl for years and have followed all of your plans. The G-Fit Academy was different. It put all the pieces together and made all of your teachings make even more sense and come together in a perfect formula I can refer back to always. I feel more equipped than ever that I wont keep falling off and if I do, exactly what to do to get back on track. Thank you Gina for sharing your knowledge and energy. 


My Fire has been lit again! 

My goal this academy was to grow stronger mentally knowing that the external will glow if the internal glows. Thank you all for igniting my fire again and special thanks to Gina for always going above and beyond. I am forever grateful. WE are stronger together G-FIT Tribe- Jennifer G.