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If you are ready to see massive changes in your life (and body), I would love to work with you. I only take on so many clients at one time so I can fully dedicate myself to each and every one. 

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What is your Name? 

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What is your best contact number and would you accept text messages from Gina? 

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How Old Are You? 

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How tall are you and current weight? 

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Do you have children? 





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How would you rate the activity level of your profession or your activity throughout the day- on an average day? 

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What is your WHY for completing this application? What motivates you to finally COMMIT to your goals? 

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What are your fitness goals? 

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Have you ever followed a specific diet or workout program and if so which one (s).

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Which do you prefer... 


Home Workouts


I'm a Gym girl

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What is your current workout & cardio routine- if any? 

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Have you ever had any injuries? If so, please explain... 

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Are you currently on any medications? If so, please list them. 

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What is your current dietary program (if any)? 

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Do you prefer variety in your diet or keeping it simple? 


Variety is the spice of life.


Simple is my game.

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Do you like to cook and prepare your meals? 

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Please share a sample days diet... 

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What are your favorite foods? 

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Any foods you dislike or are allergic to? 

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What have been your biggest challenges/struggles when it comes to following a fitness program?

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Do you meditate or spend any time in stillness? 






Want to but don't know how or have tried and am "not good at it."

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If you had to narrow it down to ONE thing that is your biggest blocker, what would it be? 

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Why do you feel that NOW you are ready? 

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Are you someone who gives up easily or is in this to WIN THIS? 

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How did you hear about Gina and why do you think she will be able to help you step up your game? 

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Gina is BIG on connection and loves putting a face to her applicants. Please upload a photo of your choice. Solo, family or whatever you would like to share. :) 


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You have limitless potential and have EVERYTHING you need to be a success within YOU.

Do you believe this? 


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Not yet but I want to...


I want to say HECK Yes but no :(

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